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At Tree of Qi Acupuncture Clinic we help our patients excel physically, emotionally and spiritually, through Chinese medicinal practices such as acupuncture, herbs and energy healing, and we give our patients the tools they need to live more healthy and vibrant lives.

We provide a professional, safe and deeply caring space for patients to unwind their deepest tensions and we design our treatments to fit the needs of each and every patient.

We look forward to being an integral part in your healing journey.



I received my first ever combined Acupuncture and Reiki treatment with Sascha. I sought consultation for bouts of lethargy and for chronic digestive problems. I found that his background in Chinese Medicine and energy healing gave him a unique set of skills. After 2 treatments, my digestive issues improved; however, the most significant improvement was in my increased energy levels. After an hour's treatment I felt like I was on vacation, and I even stood taller. Surprisingly, I found that the effects of the treatment conserved my vitality, so that days after I still felt energized..
Lisa CBusiness Owner
I initially was referred to Sascha for a knee injury and stress-related issues when he was an intern at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Community Clinic. Having had acupuncture before, I was impressed by how immediate the effectiveness of Sascha's treatment was. A more recent session with his private practice of reiki and shiatsu was equally awakening, unlocking physical and emotional tightness where I have always had difficulty resolving. His professionalism and natural intuition has helped me to regain a more holistic connection between my body, mind and spirit I have not felt for many years. Amidst these stressful times, Sascha has been proven to be a great advocate and guide for improving my overall well-being.
Ed HAcupuncturist & Physical Therapist
Sascha has been a tremendous help in my spiritual growth over the last three years. He has helped me cultivate my strength and power in ways that I did not know was possible. Through our many Reiki and shiatsu sessions, he has continuously helped me release stagnation and negative energies to bring lightness and chi movement to my core being. Best of all, Sascha showed me that I have it in my power to effect positive changes in my mind, body & spirit. It is in this way that Sascha empowers all of us: he gives his clients the tools we need in our healing, helping us realize that we can truly change our lives for the better..
Pearl BEnglish Professor