Happy Spring Equinox!

We have had such a strange winter season: the West coast seems to have started its spring season very early, with the end of January witnessing blooms that don’t often come up until March; meanwhile our friends and family on the east coast have had an unusually cruel winter, continually buried deep in ice and snow.

So even though today Friday, March 20, officially marks the start of the Spring season, our bodies, much like the early blooms of spring flowers, have been tricked to “bloom” a little earlier than expected by this unusual warm weather. Rather than having had a good three to four months to go within so we could give our emotional, spiritual, and physical bodies a hibernating break, we’ve been finding ourselves busier than ever, perhaps being a bit more social than usual for the winter months.

To offset this imbalance, try to find some quiet time in your busy schedule to breathe and come down into your core (third chakra, belly area).  A few minutes of introspective time will help restore the balance of our system.  You can also honor the spring equinox by doing a cleanse or going to a meditation or yoga retreat this coming month.  I recommend going to your local Farmers market and picking up some seasonal fruits and vegetables. Eating local and seasonal foods will help adjust your blood to the changing season. Getting an acupuncture treatment can also help bring us closer to what our body and spirit needs at this time, tonifying our Qi and Yang and harmonizing our body’s gradual awakening to the new season.  Really, any conscious down time can help bring awareness to the changing seasons happening on a deeper, energetic level.

To prepare for spring, I often undertake a 3-5 day juice cleanse because it helps me notice the changes happening in my body as well as awaken my senses completely.  Here is one of my all-time favorite recipes:


5 Handfuls of Spinach
3 Kale Leaves
3 Celery Stalks
½ Cucumber
½ Lemon
2 Granny Smith Apples

Process ingredients in a juicer or blender and enjoy!

I look forward to helping you transition this season so please contact me if you’d like to set up a treatment in the coming weeks.
Best wishes,