What diagnostic methods are used in a TCM treatment?

Whereas in Western medicine, where the body’s micros-systems are studied and manipulated separately, TCM looks at the body as a whole. Through thousands of years of diligent human observation, TCM doctors have discovered that each part of the body is a reflection of the body as a whole. This concept is called “holism” in modern physics. In TCM treatments we observe the patient’s pulse quality, the appearance of the tongue and tongue coat, the luster of the skin and eyes, physical ease of movement, quality of voice, personality, and other subtle characteristics of being, in order to diagnose underlying disease patterns. Each session includes a thorough investigation of relevant physiological systems and associated signs and symptoms..

Can TCM help with emotional issues such as anxiety, grief or anger?

A unique feature of TCM is the fact that the practitioner takes into consideration the patient’s emotional state of being when making a proper diagnosis. According to TCM, emotions are housed within each Organ system, reflecting its most subtle energetic frequency. When a particular system is out of balance, certain emotions will arise, and visa versa, certain emotions that arise from life circumstances may affect the body. A death of a loved one, for instance, may lead to temporary issues with breathing, and even collapse, if there is shock involved. Often, patients will report feeling much more at ease emotionally and mentally after an acupuncture treatment, which alludes to the connection between the physical body and the emotional body.

Does Tree of Qi give nutritional and lifestyle counseling?

In order to address the whole being, we at Tree of Qi look at lifestyle choices, such as nutrition, activity level, ability to rest and rejuvenate, and we provide nutritional counseling and lifestyle recommendations, whenever appropriate.

Do you take Insurance or Worker's Compensation?

TOQ accepts insurance. Please call (415) 424-3479 or e-mail treeofqi@gmail.com for eligibility. TOQ does not accept worker’s compensation at this time.

How do I prepare for treatment?

Preparing for treatment is easy. Come wearing comfortable, loose fitting clothes. Please do not brush your tongue on the day of your treatment, because the tongue is used as a diagnostic indicator in TCM diagnosis. Please plan 90 minutes for your first session, and 60 minutes for each follow-up treatment. We look forward to seeing you!